Derecho laboral
Labour law
How we can hep you:

  • Counsel and support for effective decision-making in Human Resources.
  • Preparation of opinions and reports dealing with labor-related issues regarding the relations and situations that may arise between a company and its workers.
  • Advice on Social Security.
  • Counsel and advice to companies regarding the processes and requirements of the Pension and Parafiscal Management Unit (UGPP in Spanish).
  • Verbal or written opinions.
  • Advice on worker’s disciplinary actions for companies.
  • Guidance to companies for the establishment of policies in the different aspects related with the Labor Law, as well as with the development of proceedings related to human resources.
  • Preparation, counsel and attendance to administrative proceeding meetings at the Ministry of Labor arising out from any kind of dispute filed with the entity by any worker or former worker.
  • Assistance and counsel to companies in conciliatory, out-of-court proceedings with workers and former workers with the Ministry of Labor and Labor Judges.
  • Updates on any new developments of jurisprudence and labor legislation.
  • Comprehensive counsel mainly aimed at handling court processes before ordinary labor courts.
  • Implementation of Due Diligence to identify, reduce and solve all labor-related contingencies and company audits.
  • Counsel in the effective management of Labor Misdemeanors and Disciplinary Proceedings.

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